As each series of exams approaches, the students involved will be given full details of their own exam timetable and an overview will be available to view here.

BTEC Exams and Set Tasks - January 2023 Timetable

6th Form Mock Exams - January 2023 Timetable

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Guide to All Subjects

Welcome to Year 11 Revision Information


As exams and assessments approach, students will be given plenty of information about what is involved and what is required of them. In addition, please click on the following links to view some general information for candidates:

Coursework Assessments: Information for Candidates

On-Screen Tests: Information for Candidates

Written Examinations: Information for Candidates

Students, please also read carefully the hints and tips for candidates below. If you have any further queries regarding the exam you have been entered for, please speak to your subject teacher in the first instance. If you have any queries regarding special arrangements, please contact Mrs L Gidney, Examinations Manager. If parents / carers have any questions or concerns regarding exams, they are welcome to contact the school on 01933 650496.


Before the Exams

  • Check your timetable carefully, speak to your subject teachers if you think there is a mistake or anything missing.

  • If you have any questions ask them NOW!

  • Be prompt for each exam; arriving at least 10-15 minutes before the start of the exam. If you  know you are going to be late, please call the Exams Office or Reception to let us know.  Late arrivals are still able to sit the exam.  For very late arrivals the Exam Board is informed.

  • Check the exam times and make alternative arrangements to get home when exams run past normal school finishing hours.

  • If you are late for any reason please come straight to the exam room and speak to an invigilator there. 

  • Go to the toilet before you queue up to go into the exam; some exams are up to 2 hours long.

  • The rules for exams are extremely strict and the penalties for not following them could result in disqualification so make sure you are familiar with them.

Absence / Injury / Sickness

  • You must make every effort to attend all of your exams as you will have to wait a whole year before you can re-sit.

  • If you are so ill that it would be impossible to take your exam please obtain a doctor’s note as in certain circumstances it may be possible to obtain a grade assessed on exams and coursework already completed.

  • If you are unable to attend for an examination please contact the school as early as possible, leaving a message if necessary.

  • If you are injured or are incapacitated but are still able to take the exam with assistance please contact the Exams Manager as early as possible so that any special arrangements can be put in place.

  • If you miss an exam for no good reason you may be charged for the exam.

Suggested Equipment List

The list below includes everything you will need for most exams. Calculators are generally allowed unless you are told otherwise e.g. for the Non-Calculator Mathematics paper. You need to write in black pen for ALL exams

  • Black pens; take more than one in case you run out

  • Coloured pencils if required for diagrams, maps, charts, etc (your subject teachers will advise)

  • Pencils

  • Eraser

  • Pencil sharpener

  • Ruler

  • Mathematical equipment (compasses, protractor, etc)

  • Clear, see-through pencil case in which to store items

  • Calculator (where allowed) without its case

You are allowed to take water into exams as long as it is in a clear bottle with the label removed.

You mustn’t use correcting pens, fluid or tape, erasable pens, highlighters or gel pens in your answers.

Prohibited Equipment

You may NOT take the following into an exam:

  • Phones, iPods, MP3/4 players, ear phones or any product with an electronic communication / storage device or digital facility (including watches with storage capacity). You will need to hand in all of these to be stored securely.

  • Food (unless you have a medical condition in which case this needs to be approved beforehand)

  • Notes or scrap paper

  • Coats or Bags (these are stored securely outside the exam room)

  • Coloured drinks or drinks in bottles with labels

If you are found to be in possession of any prohibited items the penalties can include disqualification from one or all exams. Please see the Information for Candidates published by the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ)Information for Candidates published by the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) for further details.

During the Exam

  • As soon as you enter the exam room you are under exam conditions.

  • Enter the room in silence and remain silent until you have left the room.

  • Do not communicate with any other students verbally or non-verbally.

  • If you need any assistance put your hand up and an invigilator will assist.

  • Face the front of the room at all times.

  • Wait for instructions from the invigilators.

  • Listen carefully to the instructions.

  • Do not start until you are instructed to do so.

  • If you drop anything put your hand up and an invigilator will come and help. Do not attempt to pick it up yourself.

  • If you finish the exam before the end spend time checking your work.

  • If you have checked everything sit quietly without fidgeting and wait to be dismissed in silence.


Appeals Policy

Exams Policy



Certificates for exams taken in Summer 2022 will be available for collection from Huxlow Academy Reception between 11am & 2pm on the following dates:

- Wednesday 4th to Friday 6th January 2023

- Monday 9th to Thursday 12th January 2023

If you are unable to collect these in person they can be collected on your behalf however you must put your consent in writing.  Please email the name of your nominated person to exams@huxlow.northants.sch.uk (this can be a family member or friend and includes current Huxlow staff or students) 

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