The English Department believe that all students are entitled to a challenging, academic and enjoyable experience of English. Our aim is to enthuse students to become confident readers and academic writers. Teaching through stories to enhance language skills and develop critical understanding of the world around them.

Our Key stage three curriculum has been constructed to provide a cyclical structure for learners, in which they have access to high quality texts from around the round from a variety of different viewpoints. We build on pupils’ knowledge from primary school by offering grammar, rich vocabulary lessons and assessment which is blended from SATs. A wide variety of fictional and non-fiction genres including: Travel Writing, Magic, I am Malala, Noughts and Crosses, Who We Are and Detective fiction are offered in Key stage three. All of which prepare students for the challenges of GCSE and A Level. All students complete Drop Everything and Read (DEAR time) in English and are able to visit the library to read aloud to adults, change their reading books and practice group plays. Alongside, students are given opportunity to Drop Everything and Write (DEAW) in order to deliberately practice new and existing writing skills. Currently students receive a spelling, punctuation and grammar workbook, or Language workbook at Key Stage four for homework, – along with, Bedrock vocabulary app for Key stage three and revision materials for Key stage four.

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Travel Writing

Animal Farm

Noughts and Crosses

Blood Brothers

A Christmas Carol

Unseen Poetry

Narrative Writing

Language Paper 1

Romeo and Juliet


Spring Magic Childhood Voices

Noughts and Crosses



Shakespeare Shorts


Viewpoint Writing

A Christmas Carol 

Language Paper 2


Alice in Wonderland

I am Malala

Conflict Poetry

Who We Are


The Unexplained

Speaking and Listening

An Inspector Calls


Unseen Poetry


Mrs L Cory – Head of English

Mr A Hawdon – Second in English

Mr M King – Teacher of English

Miss J Murphy - Teacher of English/Head of Year

Mrs Rogers - Teacher of English

Ms Szalontai - Teacher of English

Mrs A Foster - HLTA


If you would like to find out more about the English curriculum, please contact Mrs L Cory, Head of English

Year 7 

   CGP SPaG workbook. Shakespeare study

Year 8

https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/z43dwnb/articles/zv6yvwx   CGP SPaG workbook.

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