The Library

Huxlow Academy Library is open from 8.30am – 4pm daily. It is very welcoming with both study areas and soft seating for reading. There are thousands of books to support learning and a wide range of fiction books so that everyone can find appealing books to read for pleasure. There are also Careers and Reference sections. Mrs Porter and the team of Student Librarians are happy to help you find the resources that you need – just ask.

There are also four computers and a printer available for students to use.

Students can complete homework, study and carry out research in the facility. During break and lunch time there are also board games available for the students to play. Students are encouraged to be working, reading, or playing games during these times.

Events and activities regularly take place in the Library including Harry Potter Night and shadowing the Carnegie award each year.



Where is the Library?

The Library is situated upstairs above the Science classrooms.

When can I use the Library?

The Library is open every day from 8.30am – 4.00pm. Students are welcome before and after classes and at break and lunch time. Some lessons also take place in the Library.

How can I find out what resources are in the Library?

The Librarian, Mrs Porter will help you with any enquiries and the Library has a computerised catalogue Eclipse which is available to staff and students. Click on the link to access the catalogue. Eclipse includes books and links to websites.

  • You do not need to login to search the database
  • You can search all the fields or choose from the list including title, author and series
  • You can print or export the list of resources
  • Class indicates where resources can be found in the Library
  • For books a green circle shows the number of available copies
  • A Globe indicates a link to a website

The Library is arranged according to the Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme. There are posters to help you find where each section is situated. 

What can I use the computers for?

You can use the computers for research, homework, coursework and accessing your school email account.

How do I join the Library and take out books?

You do not need a library card. The Librarian or a Student Librarian will ask for your name when you want to take out resources, and find you on the Library database. They will scan your resources through the Library database and stamp the date you should return the item in the front of the book.

How many items can I borrow?

Students in years 7-11 can borrow up to two items for a period of three weeks.

Sixth formers can borrow up to four items for a period of three weeks.

Staff may borrow up to thirty items for three weeks.

Reference books should not be taken out of the library.

Books may be renewed or reserved on request – this can be done online using Eclipse.

Are there any online resources?

As well as hyperlinks to websites included in the Eclipse database Huxlow Library also subscribes to the following:

What if I forget to return a book?

The Library does not charge fines. Email reminders will be sent to you and your form tutor. Parents will be sent reminders if the resource remains outstanding asking for the book to be returned or the cost paid.

What if I lose or damage a book?

Lost or damaged books must be paid for or replaced.

Can I ask for a book to be bought for the Library?

Yes, book requests are welcome – just ask Mrs Porter. If the book is suitable and the budget available it can be purchased for the Library

What are the Behaviour Expectations?
  • Students should be quietly engaged in reading, working or playing the board games
  • No food, drink or chewing gum
  • No mobile phones
  • Low volume
  • Respect the Library, resources and other users
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