GCSE Options

Following a full review of our curriculum at Key Stage 3 and 4, we have made some important changes.

The options process will move to Year 9, with GCSE and BTEC courses starting in Year 10.

For current Year 8 students, the options process will begin in Year 9 in the Autumn Term of 2023.  They will be fully supported through their options choices and final choices will be made in February 2023, before the courses start in September 2024.

We strongly advise that contact is also made with class teachers and Learning Leaders via email to further discuss any points you need to raise and ask any subject specific questions. Mrs Holmes, Director of Learning for Key Stage 5 and Mr O’Callaghan, our Careers Advisor, will also be available to support you in this process.

An example of the Options Booklet is available below:

Options Booklet


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