Medical Needs

Accidents or Illness

If you have an accident or feel ill at school, tell a teacher.  School staff will contact First Aid if required. You will not be allowed to go home on your own.  Your parents will be contacted if the First Aider thinks it is suitable that you should leave school, and parents will have to collect you. You must not contact parents yourself.  You must always sign out at the Reception before leaving the school site.


Doctor and Dentist

It is always better to have medical or dental appointments after college. Sometimes people need emergency treatment; if this happens, bring a letter from your parents and the appointment card, get your Head of Year to sign a orange ‘permission to leave site’ slip it and take it to the Reception when you sign out.


Medical Needs

If you suffer from asthma, make sure you have an inhaler with you at all times.  You can give a spare inhaler to the First Aider with your name on it if you wish.  If you suffer from any other medical condition please ask your parents to inform the First Aider.


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