House System

The House System represents the values and ethos of the school and aims to develop as an integral part of our school community. In time it is our ambition that the Head of Houses and the School Council will work together creating a stronger pupil voice to motivate students and further the community spirit of the school.

House System Objectives

The House systems aims to complement the schools's ethos of Ambition, Respect and Pride.  We try to develop these values by encouraging a sense of community, awareness of each other and team spirit.

Being on PAR together:

  • Embracing PRIDE in oneself by providing opportunities for social, intellectual, spiritual and physical competence.
  • Promoting AMBITION by building upon and praising the individual responsibility and accomplishments.
  • Nuturing RESPECT for oneself, peers and the community and raise awareness of collective responsibility.
house organisation

Huxlow Academy's House System enhances and values the sense of community and conviction within every student.  This personifies our Values and spirit of our school community; Pride, Ambition and Respect.  We aspire to create a stronger students' voice and enhance the spirt of respectful democracy through a safe, responsible and supportive environment.

Every student, upon entry, is assigned to one of the four houses; Blue Falcons, Red Kites, Green Ospreys and Golden Eagles.  Each member of staff is also attached to a house.  Each house has an elected Staff Head, Senior Head and Deputy Head of House who start their campaigns for election from May and once voted in will act as representatives for all the students in their house throughout the year.

Your House body are as follows:

  • Blue Falcons - Staff Head: Ms Dudley
  • Blue Falcons - Senior Head: Kacper C
  • Blue Falcons- Head: Aliya W
  • Blue Falcons - Deputy Head: Mia C, Sourie K and Sayhan S


  • Red Kites - Staff Head: Miss Samples
  • Red Kites - Senior Head: Thomas W
  • Red Kites  - Head:
  • Red Kites - Deputy Head: Alexis N and Georgia M


  • Green Ospreys - Staff Head: Mr O'Connor
  • Green Ospreys - Senior Head: Dylan WP
  • Green Ospreys - Head: Libby G
  • Green Ospreys - Deputy Head: 


  • Golden Eagles - Staff Head: Mr Letts
  • Golden Eagles - Senior Head: Millie K
  • Golden Eagles - Head: Chloe W
  • Golden Eagles - Deputy Head: Isla E and Scarlie G

Students are given opportunities to represent their house in a wide range of activities including inter-house sporting competitions, maths and English challenges, Huxlow's Got Talent and fundraising events.  An important focus of the house system is raising money for charity.  Students take part in at least two house charity events a year.  We are very proud of our House System at Huxlow Academy and aim to make every member of our community feel a sense of belonging and pride every time they enter through the school gates.

To promote ambition, we reward students in the following way;

  • House Points
    • Showing Pride, Ambition and Respect in the classroom and around the school
    • Good attendance (96%+)
    • Student of the Week and Subject Excellence
  • Subject postcards
  • Headteacher Letters
  • Reward assemblies, events and activities

Thriving Through Excellence