Our Vision and Mission

At Huxlow Academy we create the opportunities to enable everyone that walks through our doors to ultimately achieve our vision of “Thriving Through Excellence”

Our mission is to achieve this by building a learning community of aspirational and responsible citizens.

Huxlow is an inclusive school where every student matters. Students come to Huxlow Academy from a variety of backgrounds and quickly become a part of the Huxlow family. Alongside high-quality teaching, we provide a wide variety of effective support  Our success is achieved by knowing every student as an individual and caring for them personally and academically. Students are prepared to successfully navigate the many opportunities and challenges that are presented by the modern world.

To fulfil our mission we work, study and collaborate by placing a focus on three core values.


We strive hard to achieve the very best in all that we do, and we celebrate achievement and excellence. We enable our students to fulfil their academic and personal purpose.


We pride ourselves on being a school that fosters relationships in an atmosphere built upon empathy, mutualrespect, dignity, equity, diversity and fairness.


Pride in all we do, both from within school and across the wider community, is at the core of our actions. Our students go on to become successful adults and we enable our students to develop the pride and character we need them to have in the future.



Equality and Diversity

We are committed to taking positive steps to identify and tackle any discrimination, and to ensuring equality of opportunity, participation and achievement for all students, staff and those receiving services from the School.

We publish Equalities Information annually to show aspects of our work in this area and to meet our obligations under the Public Equality Duty.

We recognise and welcome the importance of involving all of our stakeholders in the process of promoting equality and tackling discrimination. We would be very pleased to receive your views, comments or contributions to our work in this area. Please contact the Headteacher or Chair of Governors

Huxlow Academy Equalities Information and Policy


Thriving Through Excellence