Student Leadership

At Huxlow Academy, developing Student Leadership is key and when students are given the opportunity to step up, this can have a profound impact on their school   Huxlow Student Leadership Programme aims to increase the opportunity for Student Leadership across the Academy and to enhance the input students have with rewards, whole academy events and student wellbeing.

Our Current Student Leadership comprises a Sixth Form Leadership team, Year 10 and Year 11 Prefects and Form Captains.  These representatives all form part of the student council.  We meet every month to discuss an Agenda set by the students that will have been set in the previous meeting.  Any points raised will have been taken back to forms to find out students’ ideas and thoughts.  Any points shared by forms will then be raised as part of the first agenda item in the next meeting to ensure the students are the voices of the entire Academy community.

As well as this, we have Diversity Ambassadors, Transition Ambassadors, Mental Health Ambassadors, Sports Leaders and Anti-Bullying Ambassadors who work hard in the Academy to ensure that student well-being is of high priority in all areas of Academy life.  These students work hard to promote mental health and wellbeing, equity and equality and safe spaces within the academy to make Huxlow Academy a safe and enjoyable place to thrive as a young person, and where students are supportive of each other.

We are constantly looking to develop our student leadership opportunities to help our students to flourish and develop their skills.  


Thriving Through Excellence