Modern Foreign Languages

Learning a foreign language is empowering. There is no denying that foreign language skills are increasingly important in modern Britain and hugely benefit trade and employment.
Students will need to be ready for the challenges which the future of the UK holds and the demand for linguistic abilities is soaring.

The Modern Foreign Languages department at Huxlow takes pride in ensuring that students are equipped with the tools which will make them stand out. The team of very skilled teachers have a record of sustained high results in the French language at GCSE level and they are committed to secure students’ success.

But learning a language is not only about academic results and job opportunities. It is also about enjoyment and enriching the cultural capital. The team has developed many strategies to guarantee that students feel confident and keep aiming high whilst discovering the French culture. Opportunities to widen their perspectives and reflect on other cultures as well as their own are repeatedly created. French films, music, artists, food, architecture, lifestyle are part of students’ everyday learning and this has made language teaching at Huxlow quite unique and so successful over the years.

French Curriculum Year 7  Year 8 Year 9  Year 10 Year 11
Autumn Term


Talking about myself and others

Me and my friends

Future Tense

Theme 1
Social Media and Technology

Leisure Activities

Theme 2
Home, Town and Region


Theme 3
Current and future studies

Mock Exams

Spring Term

School and Studies

Expressing Opinions

A visit in Paris

Past Tense

Celebrations in France



Social Issues

Career and Ambition

Mock Exams

Mock Speaking Theme 1, 2 and 3

Summer Term

School Life

End of Year Assessments

The French Revolution

Leisure Activities

End of Year Assessments

The French Revolution


Speaking Exam Theme 1


Speaking Exam Theme 1 & 2



Exam Board - AQA


Miss C Maubert – Head of Languages
Miss J Crepin - Teacher of Languages
Miss E Heath – Teacher of Languages
Mrs L Gauvrit – Teacher of Languages, Senior Assistant Headteacher
Mrs H Huchet – Teacher of Languages, Assistant Headteacher


If you would to find out more about the Languages curriculum, please contact Miss C Maubert, Learning Leader for Languages


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