Buses and Transport

Most of our students live in Irthlingborough, Finedon or Woodford.

Children from Irthlingborough do not live far away and walk to school.  Others come on a school bus.  Look for your bus on the list below.  Make sure you know where to catch it.

Bus 470 - Finedon
Gladstone 08:32am
Opposite Finedon Mulso C of E Junior School 08:34am
Allen Road 08:37am
Bus 520 - Finedon
Allen Road 08:35am
 Woodford and Addington
Woodford and Addington
Mill Road 08:00am
Great Addington 08:07am
Little Addington 08:12am


These are the current times of the buses.  They are subject to change.

Buses come onto the college site.  They will drop you off and pick you up at the same place.  Lots of teachers will be on duty.  If you are late out of school and miss your bus, go back into school and tell a teacher.  Never try to walk home alone.

If you lose your bus pass there will be a replacement charge. 

Keep your bus pass in a safe place 


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