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At Huxlow Academy, our Design Technology, Art and Computing department are committed to deliver excellence, ambition and pride through a forward thinking, inclusive and creative curriculum.  We provide a wide range of skills and opportunities for our students across Art, Business Studies, Computer Science, Creative I Media, Design Technology, Food Technology, Graphic Communication, Hospitality and Catering, Photography, Resistant Materials and Textiles Design from Year 7 to Year 13.  

Learning and development are an important part of our delivery and experiences within our curriculum allow our students to become creative, inquisitive, self-motivated and confident learners who can work well in a wide range of situations taking pride in their independence and as part of a wider team.  Our students develop their broad range of technical and practical skills as well as a whole host of transferable skills which are highly valued by potential employers and the creative sector. 
We embrace new and emerging technologies and develop students creativity and technical knowhow whilst resembling modern industrial processes so they can develop their experiences both in school and in society, developing positive contributions.

Our main ethos for the students is to learn through practice, we have developed our experiences to be as practical as possible and we learn from these building on experiments and prototypes taking risks to develop our creativity and understanding in a safe and positive learning environment.

We have a desire to deliver a curriculum where students are able to develop a broad range of outcomes that are creative and produced to a high standard. They also learn about the design and production industry and the social, moral and ethical responsibilities designers, engineers and businesses have to consider when developing ideas, products and concepts.

Our department has a long-standing reputation for excellence with excellent GCSE and A Level results.

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Our Design Technology Key Stage 3 curriculum is taught on a carousel/rotation system where each student spends 10 weeks in each material area through Year 7 and again through Year 8 before selecting options choices for Key Stage 4.

Design and Technology KS3 Curriculum Year 7 Year 8
Design Technology (Resistant Materials)


Plastics and Mechanisms


Food Technology

Healthy Eating

Baking Introduction

Multicultural diet and nutrition

Meal production

Graphic Communication

Technical Drawing

Computer Aided Design


Packaging and print making
Textile Design Sewing techniques and surface experiments Portraiture and three dimensional construction skills
art and design key stage 3 curriculum overview


Art and Design KS3 Curriculum

Year 7 Year 8
Formal Elements In the style of X
Insects Festivals
Gothic Art Portraits
computing key stage 3 curriculum overview
Computing KS3 Curriculum Year 7 Year 8
Keyskills Cybercrime and security
Micro:bit Programming Python Programming
Components and Hardware Multimedia
Thinking Logically Data types and representation
HTML Programming Communication and Networking
Spreadsheets and Modelling Databases

Computer Science / Creative I Media / Hospitality and Catering / Business Studies start at Key Stage 4

Key Stage 4 Curriculum
Design Technology: Timber Key Stage 4 Curriculum Overview
Year 9 Year 10  Year 11
Brand Identity Developing creativity with mechanisms Non-Examined Assessment
Computer Aided Design/Manufacture Practice Non-Examined Assessment Core Revision
Design Influence Timber Theory Timber Application


Computer Science Key Stage 4 Curriculum Overview
Year 9 Year 10 Year 11
Legislation/Ethics Programming Techniques Hardware/Software
Networking Project Management Advanced Networking
Advanced Coding Programming Project Ethical/Legal/Cultural Concerns
Creative I media stage 4 curriculum overview
Year 9 Year 10 Year 11
Photoshop Skills Graphic Skills Unit Interactive Multimedia
Audio/Visual Skills Pre-Production Skills Digital Sound
Multimedia Skills Digital Sound Coursework
hospitality and catering key stage 4 overview
Year 9  Year 10 Year 11
Industry Skills Building Industry Development Industry Application
Process Trials Process Development

Applying processes

Non-Examined Assessment

Food Experimentation Experimentation Development

Applying process


art, craft and design key stage 4 curriculum
Year 9  Year 10  Year 11
African Art Design Portfolio Design Portfolio
Refinement of Media Design Experimentation Design Experimentation
Clay Mask Design 2 and 3D Concepts Examination Preparation
textiles key stage 4 curriculum overview
Year 9 Year 10 Year 11
Artist Research Design Portfolio Design Portfolio
Developing Texture Design Experimentation Design Experimentation
Techniques and Processes 2 and 3D Concepts Examination Preparation
graphic communication key stage 4 curriculum overview
Year 9  Year 10 Year 11
Artist Research Design Portfolio Design Portfolio
Urban Environment Design Experimentation Design Experimentation
Techniques and Processes Surfacing Examination Preparation
Photography Key Stage 4 Curriculum Overview
Year 9  Year 10 Year 11
Portraiture Design Portfolio Design Portfolio
Photographic Techniques Experimental Imagery Experimental Imagery
Media Experimentation Manipulation Examination Preparation
Business Studies Key Stage 4 Curriculum Overview
Year 9  Year 10 Year 11
Enterprise and Entrepreneurship External Influence Financial Decisons
Spotting Opportunities Business Growth and Marketing Human Resources
Ideas into Practice Operational Decisions Examination Preparation

Key Stage 5 Curriculum is run through our 6th Form Provider - The East Northamptonshire College (TENC)

KS5 Courses:
  • A Level Art and Design
  • A Level Business Studies
  • A Level Computer Science
  • A Level Design Technology (Product Design)
  • A Level Photography

Mr A Turner - Head of Design Technology

Mr M Drage - Head of Computing and Business

Mrs N Dube - Teacher of Food, Catering and Hospitality

Miss S Knighton - Teacher of Design Technology

Miss L Pollock - Teacher of Art

Mr R Berardi - Teacher of Business

Mr A Meadowsmith - Teacher of Design Technology

Mrs Sherrey - Teacher of Design Technology

Mrs C Clutterbuck - Design Technology Technician

Mr R Boyles - Design Technology Technician


If you would to find out more about the Design Technology curriculum, please contact Mr A Turner by calling the school on 01933 650496 or by email


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