GCSE Dance (AQA)

Huxlow PE department offers 2 examinations subjects from Year 9, BTEC Sport and GCSE Dance. Students can study both these subjects as part of their option choices.

We teach Dance in Year 7 and Year 8 as an introduction the requirements, skills and knowledge of the GCSE course.

Why should I study this course ?

Dance promotes fitness, a healthy lifestyle, teamwork and creativity. It develops independent learning and critical and reflective thinking. It also develops an understanding of a range of dance styles through performance, creation and appreciation..

  • It develops physical, technical and expressive skills which enable you to communicate choreographic intention and individuality as a performer.
  • It helps you to build an understanding of choreography through which you are able to communicate ideas and meaning, drawn from a range of dance styles.
  • It develops a critical appreciation of dance in its physical, artistic, aesthetic and cultural settings.

It provides foundations for further studies in dance, including GCE A Level Dance and the Creative and Media Diploma, or a career in Performing Arts.

What will I learn ?

You will:

  • Develop as a performer, building up confidence and self-esteem.
  • Learn self and body awareness as well as sensitivity to others and teamwork skills.
  • Learn effective performance skills requiring physical effort and determination to succeed and improve
  • Develop as a choreographer, employing problem-solving, creativity by using imagination and the ability to synthesize a number of elements.
  • Learn Interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Learn critical skills, making informed decisions about the dances you see.
  • Learn articulation of knowledge, opinions and preferences.
What will the course involve?

Component 1: This component is internally assessed and externally moderated.

  • Performance 30% (40 marks)
  • Solo performance x2 (approximately one minute each in duration).
  • Duet/trio performance (3 minutes).
  • Choreography 30% (40 marks)

Component 2: This exam is 1 hour 30 minutes.  

The paper is split into 3 sections.

  • Knowledge and understanding.
  • Own experiences and appreciation of 6 professional works. 
  • Knowledge and understanding of choreographic processes and performing skills.
    • Critical appreciation of own work.
    • Critical appreciation of 6 professional works.
    • Solo or group choreography – a solo (two to two and a half minutes) or a group dance for two to five dancers (three to three and a half minutes).
    • Students must show their creative response to a choice of one stimulus, from a set list set by AQA ( such as a poem, a prop or a historical event )
How will I be assessed?
AQA Content Grade Percentage
Component 1 - Performance

2x set study & Duet

Choreography – set by exam board

Component 2 - Exam

Written exam.

Section A – knowledge of choreography & performance skills. Section B – appreciation of own work. Section C – appreciation of professional works

What can I do after the course?

Study A-Level Dance in 6th form as part of the East Northants College or BTEC Level 3 in Performing Arts at various colleges.

Possible careers either as a performer or part of production in Dancing, Management, Teaching, Creating and Producing.

There are Further Education links such as Undergraduate and Postgraduate degrees in dance and Professional dance. 

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