Psychology at Huxlow will open student’s eyes to neurodiversity and promote a thirst for understanding the dynamics of human relationships. The course promotes a love of learning and a developing respect for people with differences. We aim to provide students with an understanding of reasons behind abnormal behaviours as well as ways in which nature and upbringing can affect your own behaviour. Students will appreciate the need to understand people around them to allow them to move forward in life successfully.

Throughout their Psychology lessons, students access an ambitious curriculum where they are challenged to think critically, justifying different points of view on explanations for behaviour, and evaluating how well research has been conducted. Students gain an understanding of different areas of Psychology in order to broaden their knowledge and passion for the subject. There is a considerable emphasis on developing Literacy and Numeracy skills to support lifelong learning. Reading, extended writing and statistics are an integral part of the course and students have opportunities to deliberately practise these regularly.

Through our teaching, students are equipped to apply the fundamental skills that underpin psychological study:

·         developing critical analysis

·         independent thinking

·         research skills.

Exam board:


A-Level – OCR

At A-level students deepen their learning and focus on research studies, evaluating the relevance these have to the real world and how reliable and accurate the research is. This provides an excellent foundation for students wishing to study Psychology at University.

  Year 9  Year 10 Year 11


Research Methods

Perception Social Influence Psychological problems
Spring Developmental Psychology Brain and neuropsychology
Summer Language, thought and communication



Department Staff

Mrs K Isaksen - Deputy Headteacher, Psychology Lead

Mrs H Bocking - Psychology Teacher

Miss M Hayes - Psychology Teacher








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