Music is a universal language which embodies one of the highest forms of creativity. By building self-esteem, encouraging self-discipline and equipping students with team-work skills, studying music can help to improve confidence, concentration, well-being and mental health. 

The Music curriculum at Huxlow Academy aims to teach our students that music is inclusive, irrespective of ability and that everyone can make progress from their individual starting points. We aim to provide the students with the skills and knowledge for music to be a positive part of their whole life, to study and explore music beyond the classroom and enjoy music as a pastime or profession. We want students to understand how music works, how it can be created and how it fits into our everyday life and the wider world. We strive to produce independent and resilient students who take pride in their own musicianship, show respect for musicians and styles of music from different centuries all around the world and demonstrate ambition to develop their own skills as both composers and performers.
Practical music-making is at the heart of the curriculum at KS3. Students are exposed to both familiar and unfamiliar music from around the world and from different periods in history, through performing, composing, listening and watching. Students will be actively playing instruments, working both collaboratively and independently, creating their own music and performing that of others. At KS4 this practical music-making continues, whilst the appreciation and understanding of music history’s time and place is developed alongside skills of musical analysis.



Music Curriculum Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11
Autumn Term 1

Music and Me & Band Skills 1

Pop Songs - 3&4 Chord Trick

Music and Media - Game Music

Music Theory Basics 1/AoS1:Musical Forms and Devices

AoS 4: Going Deeper into Popular Music and Set Work: Africa by Toto Composition Coursework

Autumn term 2

Exploring Musicals 1 - Matilda

Horror/Ghost Music

Music and Media - Film Music

Music Theory Basics 2/AoS: Music for ensemble

AoS 3: Going Deeper into Film Music Composition Coursework

Spring Term 1

Commercial Break

Exploring Musicals 2 - Blood Brothers

Band Skills 3 - School of Rock


Music Theory Basics 3/AoS 4 Popular Music

AoS 2: Going Deeper into Music for Ensemble Composition Coursework
Spring Term 2

Keyboard Skills

Blues and Rock N Roll

Hamilton - Rap and/or Hip Hop

Music Theory Basics 4/AoS 3 Film Music

Set Work: Badinerie by J.S. Bach

Set Work : Africa by Toto

Composition Coursework

Summer Term 1 

The Beatles

Band Skills 2

Around the World in half a term

Music Theory Basics S/AoS 1:Going Deeper into Forms and Devices and Set Work:Bodinerie by J.S Bach

Revision 1

Summer Term 2

Hammers and Gongs


Exploring Musicals 3 - Grease

Music Theory Basics 5/Revision of all areas of study


Exam Board – EDUQAS

  • Vocalise (Academy Choir)
  • String Group
  • Keyboard Club
  • Senior Singers
  • Huxlow Show Group

Nearly everyone enjoys music, whether by listening to it, singing, or playing an instrument. Learning to sing or play a musical instrument can greatly enrich students’ lives and their education, as well as help to improve mental and physical well-being.

Through our partnership with Northamptonshire Music and Performing Arts Trust (NMPAT) we are able to offer students instrumental and singing lessons. Lessons are offered on most instruments within the woodwind, brass and string families, and also guitar, keyboard, piano, singing and drum-kit. Through NMPAT, students are also able to access free loan of an instrument (strings, woodwind and brass).

Please read through the terms and conditions which can be found below then complete the online form

Terms and Conditions


Mrs R Runnells – Teacher of Music

Mrs Dixon – Voice and Piano

Mr McAuley – Guitar

Mr Dyer – Drums

Mr Smith – Upper Strings

Mrs Welters - Woodwind, Keyboard and Piano

If you would to find out more about the Music curriculum, please contact Mrs R Runnells


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