Head's Welcome

A Warm Welcome to Huxlow

Welcome to Huxlow Science College

At Huxlow Science College we believe that school days are precious and form the foundations for our students’ future lives. We have a determination to ensure that our students are given the best possible opportunities to succeed both academically and as young people who are an asset to the communities in which they live. Our community is rightly very proud of our school, our students and their successes. We have a rich history of students of all abilities and backgrounds fulfilling their potential in all areas of their education and they are supported and challenged daily to gain the skills, confidence and qualifications they will need to be successful in an ever-changing world.

We pride ourselves on the levels of support and guidance we offer our students and place students and their needs at the heart of everything we do. We work hard to ensure students are happy, feel safe and are taught well. Developing ‘The Whole Child’ is one of our core responsibilities and our students are challenged to aim for the highest personal and academic standards. We have high expectations of behaviour and respect across our community and forge excellent relationships with both students and parents.

I am hugely proud to be the Headteacher of Huxlow Science College and to lead the school as we build on recent increases in both student numbers and exam results. It is such a privilege to be entrusted with the lives of the young people in our community, to shape their characters and enable their success.

We look forward to welcoming all prospective students, parents and carers to experience all that is Huxlow in the very near future.

Paul Letch - Headteacher


Pastoral Care

At Huxlow, each individual student matters. We have established a strong, caring and supportive framework to ensure all achieve their very best.

Form Teachers play the key role in the Huxlow pastoral system. They have daily contact with the children at registration in the morning. During the course of a year they are able to get to know each member of the form as an individual – to know their needs, interests, difficulties, hopes and aspirations. Each year group also has a Pastoral Leader, who oversees pastoral care. 

head of pastoral care/assistant headteacher - helene huchet

Year 7

Pastoral Leader - Mrs L Lane

7LCU - Mrs L Cory

7CDA - Mr C Darnbrook

7JCR - Miss J Crepin

7MCO - Mr M Coutts

7SMO - Miss S Mott

7AWH - Miss A Whitworth

year 8

Pastoral Leader - Mr K Whiting

8LPO - Miss L Pollock

8CMA - Ms C Maubert

8CWD - Ms C Woodward

8MDA - Mr M Davies

8JMU - Ms J Murphy

8LEL - Ms L Ellis


Pastoral Leader - Miss L Staley

9ATU - Mr A Turner

9AMU - Ms A Murbaka

9DGR - Mrs D Graham

9LDU - Miss L Dudley

9PMO - Mr P Morgan

9JSA - Miss J Samples

9RKR - Ms R Kirk

YEAr 10

Pastoral Leader - Mrs H Sghendo

10AME - Mr A Meadowsmith

10RRU - Mrs R Runnells

10MWI - Mr M Winter

10SDO - Ms S Donald

10DAS - Mr D Ashurst


Pastoral Leader - Miss C Pucel

11SBR - Mr S Brewin

11SLE - Mr S Letts

11RKI - Mr R King

11HBA - Mrs H Barker

11MYE - Mr M Yewman

YEAR 12 

DIREctor of post 16 learning and careers - Mrs J holmes

Pastoral Leader Year 12 - Miss H Dewdney

12JMC - Mrs J McDougall

12LVE - Mr L Venn

12MHA - Ms M Hayes

13AOC - Mr A O'Connor

13JGR - Ms J Griffiths

13RFA - Mrs R Facey

Together, the Pastoral Leaders, Form Teachers and Assistant Headteachers are responsible for the welfare and progression of students. They deal with any serious disciplinary problems and follow up issues relating to absence, sickness, lateness, uniform and homework.