Head's Welcome

A Warm Welcome to Huxlow

At Huxlow we believe that students who are happy, feel safe and are taught well will enjoy school and as a result be successful.

We are passionate about caring for our students, ensuring that they are all known as individuals. Ofsted June 2016 stated that “everyone in the school puts pupil’s well-being at the centre of everything they do”.

Students are challenged to be as good as they possibly can be and supported to achieve this. Academic success is hugely important to us and we have a rich history of students of all abilities and from a wide variety of backgrounds achieving as well as they could.

However, schools are about far more than academic success and we believe that developing “The Whole Child” is one of our core responsibilities. In order to enjoy a successful adult life it is important that our students develop characteristics such as leadership, organisation, resilience, initiative, and communication.

I am hugely proud of our school and am happy to extend an invitation to all Parents/ Carers to come and visit us during the school day. Please contact us on enquiries@huxlow.northants.sch.uk and we will arrange a convenient time.

Mr S Gordon



The teaching philosophy of the Drama department revolves around enthusing all students to become disciplined, confident and sensitive communicators. Some pupils will become accomplished performers, directors and critics and will go on to study the subject at a higher level.

Others will simply enjoy the subject and will be equipped with life-skills, including empathy, teamwork, creativity, problem solving and communication. These valuable experiences will prepare them well for the future.

Our Goal: “At Huxlow every individual is empowered to fulfil their potential”

To fulfil your potential at Key Stage 3 you should:

  • Your child is expected to rehearse out of lesson time in preparation for assessments.


BTEC TECH AWARD in Performing Arts is a practical introduction to life and work in the industry. Students will explore:

  • Developing specific skills and techniques.
  • Devising and delivering a workshop performance.
  • Analysing, evaluating and enhancing skills.

Our values #2: “Everyone is ambitious and welcomes the challenge of being the best they can”

To be the best you can be at Key Stage 4 you should:

  • Homework will be set weekly. This will either be practical rehearsals and/or written coursework. Deadlines are strict.


The course has 2 internally assessed components and 1 externally assessed component. These components are designed to build on each other to motivate and grow in confidence.

  • Component 1: (30%) Exploring the Performing Arts
    Aim: Get a taste of what it is like to be a professional of an actor. They will observe performance styles and creative intentions, explore performance roles, responsibilities, skills, techniques, approaches and how practitioners influence and reproduce existing repertoire. This will require both written and practical forms.
    Assessment: Internally assessed. Externally moderated.
  • Component 2: (30%) Developing Skills and Techniques
    Aim: Develop skills and techniques in acting. They will gain physical, interpretative, vocal and rehearsal skills through workshops. Apply technical, stylistic and interpretative skills in performance and reflect on their progress and skills. This will require both written and practical forms.
    Assessment: Internally assessed. Externally moderated.
  • Component 3: (40%) Performing to a brief.
    Aim: Consider how practitioners adapt their skills for different contexts and put into practice in a performance. They will use the brief and come up with ideas for the performance. Choose skills and techniques they’ll need. Build on skills from workshops and rehearsals, review the development process within ideas and skills log. Perform a 10-15 minute piece to a targeted audience and reflect on their performance in an evaluation report.
    Assessment: Externally assessed – students to work in groups of 3-7 to create a performance based on a set brief.


Students will explore, challenge and realise potential. During the course, students can see what the industry is all about, whether they want to go into it and gain knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their next steps.

Once completing the course successfully students can continue to a further vocational and academic study at Level 2 and Level 3, as well as apprenticeships and traineeships.

The transferrable skills they will have mastered during their studies such as self-reflection, communication, teamwork and problem solving will support progress in the present and future.


Huxlow Science College, The Ferrers School and Rushden Academy work together to create a unique post-16 learning community, The East Northamptonshire College (TENC). For details of the full range of courses and opportunities available, please visit www.tenconline.co.uk


Mrs K Letts – Head of Drama

Ms R Kirk - Teacher of Drama


If you would to find out more about the Drama curriculum, please contact Mrs K Letts, Head of Drama